Labradoodledoo Guardian Program
In order to provide genetic diversity and raise all of our dogs as a loved member of a family, we occasionally place potential breeding dogs in a "Guardian Home". The dog would be free to the right family. The guardian family would be responsible for regular vet expenses, food, grooming, training and lots of love.

All costs related to breeding (x-rays, genetic testing,etc.) would be labradoodledoo's responsibility. He or she will be given to the guardian home at no cost. Our dogs in guardian home programs come back to Labradoodledoo for breeding, females stay at labradoodledoo to deliver and raise pups until 7 weeks of age. Males only need to return occationally for breeding (and will return to you a much happier and satisfied dog :). When the dog's breeding career is over, the dog is spayed/neutered and full ownership will be given to the guardian home. Contract is usually 4 litters for a female and 4 years for a male. This is a great opportunity to get a wonderful, high quality, health-tested pet for free!

-Must be within 1 hour of Hillsboro, Oregon

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